I am a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Florida double majoring in physics and computer science.

I am studying cybersecurity with a primary focus on reverse engineering and malware analysis. In spring 2022, I took Malware Reverse Engineering at UF. This course used the book Practical Malware Analysis by Sikorski and Honig, as well as several real malware samples. I sometimes CTF with DiceGang and Kernel Sanders, and I have also completed Flare-On 9 and 10.

I have also taken an in-depth look at several different forms of malware, with a particular focus on ransomware. I’ve been making an effort to understand the underlying cryptographic algorithms that commonly appear in ransomware; for example, my analysis of TeslaCrypt introduced me to elliptic curve cryptography.

I’ve also studied quantum computing both in my coursework and through some independent study, and I’m especially interested in the implications that quantum algorithms will have for cryptography.

You can access my LinkedIn profile here.